Expertise & Experience

  • Sales, services rental and calibration facility for Instantel vibration monitors.
  • Fragmentation analysis, VOD and High speed blast video monitoring and laser based rock profiling.
  • Commissioning, installation and training on Implusphysik Germany Flamingo RVR systems with indigenous design.
  • Layout and designing of meteorological RVR systems working on Indian airports.
  • Layout for Laser Ceilometer working on Indian airports.
  • Field trained staff for maintenance and servicing of airport meteorological instruments.


Area of Operations

  • Mining Environmental and Scientific Technologies
  • Hydrogen Generation for Meteorology
  • Satellite Meteorology
  • Aviation Meteorology


UES Solutions

  • Site vibration monitoring
  • Minimate operating steps
  • Fragmentation analysis
  • VOD monitoring
  • Rock face burden finder
  • Instantel instruments calibration facility
  • Aviation meteorological services
  • Hydrogen Gas for Meteorological applications
  • Blast design, simulation and management software.